878 Media is very proud to provide you with a solution that can be help you in your sales and marketing campaign. We are offering you a multimedia package in the form of Digital Signage and Video Marketing. This has always been the main marketing arm of many companies in their Websites, Stores and Displays as it offer a lot of value and serve as a very strong promotional tool. We all know that getting this kind of services entails a lots of cost and maintenance to operate which is why we try to make it more simple and budget-friendly.

The streaming content and high-definition moving videos will inform and inspire your markets and customers in their overall buying decisions. The content can also be customized depending on your needs and preferences and is a very good way to communicate inspiring messages to the market. It is also one of the most effective tools out there since it will definitely highlight the value and good points of every products and services. It is EASY and AFFORDABLE – created with your patrons in mind.



Save 80% off the Regular Investment For First-time Customers only. Free for Non-Profit Organization.





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